A Taiwan CPA Firm - 20 years of business achievement Taipei City

新儒會計師事務所 JAMES LIN & Co., CPA  is a full service accounting and business advisory Taiwan CPA firm based in Taipei, Taiwan committed to providing the highest level of quality and client satisfaction. We plan for the future needs of our clients in concert with their current tax and accounting status.


  • Communications skills
  • Strategic thinking skills
  • Focus on the client
  • Technologically adept


  • Honesty
  • Professional ethics
  • Principles of due care
  • Client confidentiality


  • Impartial view
  • Intellectually honest
  • Independence
  • Free of conflicts of interest

Best solutions without wasting your time and money

What sets us apart from other CPA firms in Taiwan is that we are large enough to serve a wide client base, yet small enough to provide personal service. We emphasize timely service along with strong professional ethics.

Recommended Services

JAMES LIN & Co., Taiwan offers strategic e-business services that produce fast, sustainable results for companies large and small.

E-Commerce Consulting

We have good experience in advising our international business clients on a wide range of cross-border taxation issues.